Hard to believe that us officers are already planning everything until the end of the year. Well, we figured we might as well share our ideas with you guys (in no particular order):

  • Japanese Architecture
  • Japan's influence on Video Games
  • Japanese Anime: The companies that make them, and the culture that's influenced by them.
  • Japanese Religion
  • Japanese Weather/Climate
  • Japanese Natural Disasters
  • Japanese Fashion
  • Japanese Club End-of-the-Year Party
  • A special surprise for our senior class members! ;)
Anyway, just some ideas we wanted to throw out there. Obviously we are increasing the amount of meetings from once a month to TWICE a month. (The 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month) Basically, we'd rather run out of topics to teach, than not be able to teach enough of the topics that we as officers want to teach. Well, hope you like the ideas, and we look forward to hopefully doing these topics.

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